Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Happiness

Well readers, I haven't really had anything particularly special to write about lately, so I decided that I'm just going to start posting things from my trips that I find especially fun, or interesting, or just plain put a smile on my face. So below are some pictures of things that I wanted to share. After over 40 trips to the parks so far this year, I can still walk through the gates and feel the Magic of Disney. I was afraid I would lose that feeling, visiting practically every weekend, but I haven't lost it yet! And I hope I never do...

Disneyland has a new parade this summer, "Soundsational!" It's a really fun parade to watch, and my very favorite part is the way it begins...the drumline. These guys are always having the most fun, no matter how hot it gets and how sweaty they are! Their enthusiasm is contagious, and I just love the way they sound.

Cold mocha almond fudge ice cream on a hot day, enjoyed on Main Street, USA.

Fun days with new friends :)

Storm Troopers looking for rebel spies in Tomorrowland.

And this guy is a new addition as of this past Friday...he will apparently only be around for a few weeks, so I'm so happy I found him yesterday and got a picture with him! Do you speak Droid?