Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Passport

My husband and I have lived in Southern California for about 4 years now.  We’ve never bothered getting an Annual Passport.  He has a friend who works at the park who has generously gotten us in for free on several occasions, especially when we have friends who come to town for a Disneyland vacation.  But lately it’s been more difficult to get in touch with him, and after this blog idea came about, we decided to bite the bullet and pull the trigger on the Passport.  And added bonus: SoCal residents qualify for monthly payments on any annual Passport, interest free.  Score!!  We made it part of our Christmas presents to each other.  And why not take advantage of living only 15 minutes from Disneyland while we have the opportunity?!  It won’t always be this way.

The day we got our Passports, I felt like I had joined an exclusive club.  Which is silly, since there are thousands and thousands of people who have Annual Passports.  But I think it’s all part of that Magic I mentioned, it just made me feel a little more special.  And I didn’t realize that you can get discounts at so many places in the Parks by flashing it.  Another added bonus! 

I’ve officially given my soul to Disney.  And it feels good :)

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