Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Popcorn Cart Characters

I've become aware lately of just how little attention I have paid to all the awesome little details you can find at the Parks.  Before now, we would only have a day here and there to cram in as many rides, shows, and sights as we could, and didn't feel we had the luxury of slowing down to just take things in.  It's one of the things I love most about being a Passholder...I don't have to be in a rush anymore.  I can take the time to do and find things I've read about.  And one of those things is the popcorn cart..."characters."

I was reading a blog called EPBOT (written by the same person who does one of my FAV blogs, Cake Wrecks) and came across a post that the author wrote about her trip to Disneyland.  In that post, she posted a picture of "Rocketeer popcorn-cart dude" and I was instantly fascinated.  Where was he, and would I be able to find him??  Sure enough, I found him on our next visit (it wasn't too difficult).  And then I started checking out ALL the popcorn carts, and what do you know?  Each one has a character turning the "popcorn wheel" (I'm sure there's a technical name for it, but I don't know what it is!)!!  So I've started taking pictures of each one that I come across.  I'm sure I haven't found them all, and a few have been seasonal so I have to find their replacements.  

It's one of those fun little details that you may never have noticed (or maybe you have and this is so old news), but see if you can find some different ones than I have the next time you're there!  And pay attention to what area of the Park you're in...they are usually themed to that "land." 

Can you guess which one is my favorite so far? :)
"Rocketeer popcorn-cart dude"
Oogie Boogie; a Dapper Dan?; Santa
I'm not sure what *exactly* the first two are; a clown; Yeti


  1. Popcorn now in the park will never be the same cuz I wanna go to each one to see.......

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